H&H developed a new mixed-use district for The “Lighthouse Project” at  Mitchel Field, including Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY.  The goals of the new district were to provide; for a significant amount of development density for an important site in the Town and County, a renovated Nassau Coliseum that would remain a priority in a new, vibrant, mixed-use development, and needed roadway improvements that can be realistically accomplished.  More specifically, the new district would ensure that; the transportation system could be integrated into the new zone,  that “smart growth” principles would be used to create a community that could include mixed-use residential development and affordable and/or workforce/next-generation housing, that density and building heights create interesting and desirable streets for pedestrians, while still being compatible with the density and building heights of surrounding buildings and neighborhoods, that 3% of the district was a new public park, and that a flexibility in the mix of uses was allowed.

The scope of work for the project included a review of the FEIS that was done for the “Lighthouse Project,” a review of existing zoning regulations, the development of new zoning regulations,  a massing model of potential buildout under the new zoning, potential development under the new zoning, and traffic mitigation plans.