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Our kinetic engineers are experienced structural, mechanical, and electrical specialists in addition to specialty inspectors able to provide condition inspections of existing bridges and similar structures. Our inspections have ranged from cursory examinations for overviews of a structure’s condition to biennial inspections for government regulatory requirements to detailed in-depth inspections for a comprehensive picture of a structure’s condition. We employ specialty equipment and procedures for component evaluations such as ultrasonic probes and meters, coring, strain gages, sampling for chemical analysis, and enhanced visual/photographic techniques.

Our work is always completed in accordance with your specific requirements, current local, FHWA NBIS, AASHTO, or AREMA procedures and guidelines.

Inspection findings, component load ratings and/or capacities, test results, multi-level recommendations, and cost estimates are provided in summary reports.

Over 4,000 Structures Inspected for Over 30 Individual Owners.