Alternative Delivery – Success Through Collaboration

We’re proud to have delivered some of the world’s most complex infrastructure through collaborative alternative delivery processes. Through an open and honest relationship with our construction partners, we are able to help owners realize their projects effectively through alternative time-saving delivery methods.

The depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience with design-build, CM/GC, P3, Accelerated Bridge Construction and other methods makes us a natural fit for projects where alternative delivery is considered.

Design-build integrates the design and construction process of a project into one contract. This delivery method encourages collaboration between the engineer and contractor to push innovation, as well as efficiency. As the designer on design-build teams, H&H is experienced in maximizing the effectiveness of our designs with contractor capabilities, delivering results for both the owner and the design-build team.

Through our traditional and alternative delivery experiences, we have had the opportunity to use Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques. Our experience with ABC techniques includes the specification of adjacent precast box beam and NEXT beam superstructures, the use roll in/roll out and offsite construction, and the use Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems (PBES), among other uses.