Important Moments in H&H History


1887 J.A.L. Waddell, Consulting Engineer is formed in Kansas City, MO
1894 South Halsted Street Bridge, Chicago, IL – Became the prototypical vertical lift bridge
1899 Waddell & Hedrick formed
1904 1904 Fraser River Swing Bridge, British Columbia – still in operation
1907 Waddell & Harrington formed; Waddell appointed Principal Engineer of the Trans-Alaska Siberian Railway Co.
1910 Hawthorne Bridge across the Williamette River, Portland, OR; oldest vertical lift bridge still in operation in the United States
1911 Armour-Swift-Burlington Railroad Bridge, Kansas City, MO – still in operation
1912 Steel Bridge across the Williamette River, Portland, OR – still in operation
1913 Arroyo Seco Bridge (Colorado Street Bridge over Arroyo Seco), Pasadena, CA – still in operation
1913 City Waterway Bridge (aka Murray Morgan Bridge), Tacoma, WA – still in operation
1914 Harrington leaves the firm; goes on to form Harrington & Cortelyou
1914 Calumet River Bridge, IL – still in operation
1915 Waddell & Son formed
1917 Columbia River Interstate Bridge (I-5 Bridge) – still in operation
1920 Waddell moves the firm to New York City from Kansas City
1927 Hardesty joins Waddell as Partner; Waddell & Hardesty formed
1928 Goethals Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing, NY – NJ
1931 Anthony Wayne Bridge (Suspension), OH
1935 North Grand Island Bridge (Truss), NY
1937 Marine Parkway Bridge (Vertical Lift) NY
The Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge was one of the many public works projects carried out by the great builder, Robert Moses.
1941 Rainbow Bridge (Arch), NY/Canada – AISC Award Winner – Most Beautiful Bridge
1945 Hanover joins the firm as a partner HARDESTY & HANOVER formed
1952 Southeast Fourth Avenue (Skew Bascule), FL
1954 Hoover Avenue Bridge (Girder), NY
1962 Lewiston-Queenston Bridge (Arch), NY/Canada
1963 Alexander Hamilton Bridge over the Harlem River
1968 Robert Moses Causeway over Great South Bay and State Boat Channel Bridges twin), Long Island, NY
1973 Piscataqua River Bridge (Truss), ME and NH- still in operation
1976 Stratford Avenue (Vertical Lift), CT
1982 Elizabeth River Bridge (Bascule), VA
1987 Firm celebrates 100th Anniversary
1988 New York State Thruway over Schoharie Creek Bridge Replacement, NY
On the morning of April 5, 1987, a swollen Schoharie Creek’s swift current took its toll on the shallow foundations of the original New York State Thruway bridge over Schoharie Creek. That same day, engineers from Hardesty & Hanover arrived to investigate the collapse and plan a replacement bridge along this critical route.
1991 Greenpoint Avenue Bridge (Bascule), NY
1996 Route I-80/Route 19 Interchange, NJ – AISC Award Winner – Best Project of its Kind
2002 Tomlinson Bridge over Quinnipiac River, New Haven, CT
2003 Marine Parkway Bridge (Reconstructed – Vertical Lift), NY
2005 New Croton Dam Spillway Bridge (Arch), NY
2008 New Woodrow Wilson Bridge over Potomac River, MD – VA
2010 Ben Sawyer Swing Bridge, Mount Pleasant/Sullivan’s Island, SC
2012 Firm celebrates 125 Anniversary with the publishing of a 163-page history book
2013 Murray Morgan Bridge dedicated in Tacoma, WA
2013 Jacques Chaban-Delmas Bridge, Bordeaux, France-Grand National Prize of France for Engineering
2014 Principal Emeritus, Andrew Herrmann, PE, named winner of ENR New York’s Inaugural Legacy Award
2014 The firm receives the NY Construction Legacy Award from New York Building Congress
2015 Innovation, Science & Technology Building at Florida Polytechnic University Named ENR Global Project of the Year
2016 Acquisition of The Heimburg Group
2018 Sarah Mildred Long Bridge opens, Portsmouth, NH – Kittery, ME
2019 Acquisition of New York traffic & planning firm Frederick P. Clark
2019 The Shed opens, New York, NY
2019 Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Replacement Project wins National ACEC Grand Award and named ENR Best Project of 2020
2020 Charlie Gozdziewski elected Chair of ACEC National
2021 Acquisition of Corven Engineering
2022 Acquisition of P.E. Structural Consultants
2022 Firm Announces Name Change to H&H and New Logo