Our Founder Was A Passionate Innovator

H&H was founded in 1887 by Dr. J.A.L. Waddell – patent holder for the first modern vertical lift bridge design and other movable and fixed bridge innovations. Dr. Waddell was an innovator and an extremely passionate leader when it came to his craft of engineering. He believed that in order for his company to succeed, it had to be owned and operated by professional, innovative, and passionate engineers just like him. These qualities have become the hallmark characteristics of our owners and operators. We are proud to say that this tradition lives strong 135 years later.

(Photo courtesy of Internet Archive)

He Demanded Attention To Detail

Dr. Waddell elevated the need for detailed bridge engineering. From very early on, he understood that attention to the finest details would be what allowed the projects H&H engineered to last the longest, remain the most reliable, and create a stable platform of growth for the company. We continue to carry Dr. Waddell’s demand for attention to detail. Evidence of this can be found in the many unique structures and applications we now engineer.