We’re Ensuring Transportation Infrastructure Safety.

With over twelve decades of infrastructure engineering history, Hardesty & Hanover has extended the service life of hundreds of bridges. We understand that it is not only our engineers that use the bridge, but all users we are helping to keep safe.

Our engineers remain at the forefront of innovation extending the healthy life of our infrastructure. We realize many owners are seeking system preservation as a key goal for their infrastructure planning moving forward. We will continue to deliver our quality engineering services toward this goal.

Our Rehabilitation Services include:

  • Preparation of plans to restore existing assets to their original condition
  • Preparation of plans to reconstruct historic bridges
  • Preparation of plans to repair localized deficiencies
  • Preparation of plans to increase capacity of highway, railway, or structure to meet current criteria
  • Constructibility reviews of rehabilitation plans and methods
  • Seismic reviews and retrofit
  • Value engineering studies

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