H&H is the lead designer responsible for roadway, drainage, permitting, traffic control, tolling, bridge design, and environmental services for the SR 826 Palmetto Expressway Design-Build project. We are providing roadway, drainage, structural, and lighting design, signing and pavement markings, and toll site design for the construction of the initial phase of a multi-phase project, for which a conceptual permit has been issued by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). Also performed environmental studies, site audits/assessments, beach restoration activities and will provide temporary traffic control.

H&H coordinated with SFWMD staff regarding potential project effects on the environment, natural resources, and impacts on animal and plant life and wildlife habitat to determine the environmental and ecological effects of the proposed transportation improvements. It was determined that because the project site is within a developed roadway corridor, the construction of improvements will not significantly impact natural resources or wildlife. The drainage components of the design will result in improved water quality and accommodate existing and future utilities within the right-of-way.

The plans include silt fences, swales, and an improved stormwater drainage plan to address erosion and sediment control. All improvements will be completed within 900 days of NTP for this heavily traveled corridor and will meet the specific requirements of Miami-Dade County and FDOT District 6.

The project will improve operations from South of NW 36th Street to North of NW 154th Street in Miami-Dade County, FL. The project will provide an additional southbound general-purpose lane, auxiliary lanes, and improved shoulder widths. It will require major modifications to the NW 103rd Street interchange, revised access to the NB and SB express lanes, a new toll site, and improvements to the adjoining frontage road system, all of which will enhance human comfort and well-being.

The project is estimated to be completed in 2024 with a construction cost of $66.05 million.