H&H provided transportation engineering analysis and roadway design services for this high-profile Military Trail 3R / resurface, restore, and rehabilitation project.

In addition to milling and resurfacing this four-mile section of a high-traffic volume urban corridor, which runs along SR-809 / Military Trail from Lake Worth Road (SR-802) to S. of Southern Blvd (SR-80), H&H‘s roadway design included traffic signal improvements at seven intersections, replacement of signing and pavement markings, new ITS improvements with four dynamic message signs, transit improvements, ADA upgrades, and provisions for uninterrupted bicycle lanes.

Project-specific issues addressed during design included: mitigating for hazardous vertical drop-offs at canal culvert end walls; reconstruction of curb ramps at side street connections to eliminate ponding areas; addressing drainage pipe and inlet settling; and providing additional lighting to improve safety at signalized intersections.

H&H also prepared a Technical Special Provision (TSP) for Pipe Defection of Potable Water and Wastewater Systems details that includes necessary accessories for deflection of potable water system pipe and wastewater pipe as indicated on drawings.