H&H is serving as lead designer for the Smith Point Bridge replacement in Suffolk County, NY, that carries William Floyd Parkway (CR 46) over Narrow Bay in the Town of Brookhaven. The bridge, a double-leaf, bascule bridge designed by H&H in the 1950s, was reaching the end of its service life due to the harsh oceanfront environment. The bridge serves as the sole access route to the eastern end of Fire Island and is the route to Smith Point County Park as well as Fire Island National Seashore.

H&H assessed multiple alternates, which included various rehabilitation alternatives for the existing bridge and several off-line high-level fixed bridge alternatives. The preferred alternate replaces the bascule bridge with a high-level fixed bridge on a westerly alignment that touched down in an underutilized Smith Point County Park area.

The recommended bridge design calls for a 1,600-foot-long prestressed concrete structure with ADA-compliant sidewalks and wide shoulders sufficient for on-street cyclists. The new bridge provides a 55-foot clearance over the 100-foot-wide navigation channel. The design development included assessment of site-specific factors and coordination with multiple agencies, including Suffolk County Parks, National Park Service, NYSDOT, the community, and various utility companies. USCG, NYSDEC, and USACE permits will be required for the design. Since the original bridge was eligible for the State and National Registers of Historic Places, a memorandum of agreement with SHPO was required. Construction will begin in 2024.