H&H performed inspection and rehabilitation design for the mechanical and electrical systems of three of the Saint George Terminal ferry slip bridges – Slips 4, 5, and 6 in Staten Island, New York. H&H initially designed these slips in 1945. In addition, we provided the new design of Slip No. 3, mechanical and electrical systems, to replace the existing, outdated slip design. This $90 million project included developing contract plans and specifications for the mechanical systems and electrical controls that operate the movable bridges for each ferry slip. We also provided construction support services during the reconstruction of all four ferry slips, including providing personnel for acceptance testing and functional checkout of all mechanical and electrical equipment.

During the design phase, Slip No. 4 suffered significant damage during a ferry accident. H&H provided emergency inspection, repair documents, and construction support services for the repair as an amendment to the existing contract with the City.