H&H provided electrical engineering services reviewing design documentation from the crane manufacturer, performing onsite inspection of the manufacturing process at the Shanghai plant location, and provisions for performing final commissioning for four dockside container handling gantry cranes.

Each of the cranes has a motor-driven gantry to move the crane with the use of four drive motors. The maintenance lower control room and gantry maintenance station control panel are located at the gantry level. There are cable reels on the portal beam to wind up the cable during movement and operation. The machinery room houses the hoist and boom motors, drive and control equipment. The controls for the crane use a combination of relay control logic and programmable logic controllers (PLC). There is equipment located along the girders, trolley, boom, and pylon.

H&H’s physical inspection of the equipment included the entire crane, and all areas that were accessible were inspected on each crane. An inspection report was prepared while the cranes were still in Shanghai under construction.