H&H is leading the Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study to develop multiple interchange configurations with traffic and narrow down to three build alternatives for the public. This project is unique in that it includes system movements between two primary freeways as well as service movements from each freeway to the local surface street network.

The project is located at SR 91 and SR 528 in Orange County, Florida, commonly referred to as the “Orlando South Ultimate Interchange.” The project limits under evaluation for this project are SR 91 from south of Taft-Vineland Road to north of SR 482, and SR 528 from west of SR 423 to the Beachline West Toll Plaza.

Alternatives will be evaluated to improve the ramp directional service within the interchange, implement All-Electronic Toll (AET) collections, include express lane direct connections between
SR 91 (North) and SR 528 (East), provide improved surface street operations with revised ramp connections and accommodate future mainline expansion that may be needed.