H&H provided construction inspection services for the $26 million replacement/rehabilitation of the Memorial Highway Bridge over I-95, Division Street Bridge over I-95, and Division Street Bridge over MNRR. H&H project work included construction inspection of the replacement of the Memorial Highway Bridge over I-95/MNRR (New Haven Division, BIN 1091380), the Division Street Bridge over I-95 (BIN 1091390), and the Division Street bridge over MNRR (New Haven Division, BIN 1049890); the rehabilitation of the connecting ramp from Memorial Highway to Division Street (BIN 1091400).

The work items on this project included the use of HP concrete, superpave, structural steel, bearings, extensive coordination with Metro-North Railroad, Verizon Communications, Consolidated Edison (Electric and Gas divisions), United Water, and the City of New Rochelle for extensive utility relocation (water, gas, electric, and communications crossings), drainage reconstruction & upgrade, street lighting, guide rail, highway & street reconstruction/renovation, and pavement markings.  The work required close monitoring of staged work while allowing for temporary bypasses and rerouting of utilities and pedestrian and vehicular traffic in urban and major highway settings.  Intricate maintenance and protection of traffic and active community outreach were keys to the project’s success.