H&H developed the design and provided construction support services for the new vehicular bridge. The bridge is a single-span bridge consisting of precast prestressed AASHTO girders, diaphragms, deck slab, abutments, elastomeric bearings, and extended bearing anchor rods to hold the superstructure down during a 100-year flood event. Project efforts included evaluating scour conditions, determining wave height and wave force on the superstructure, and stormwater management improvements to comply with environmental regulations.

The project incorporated manufactured treatment devices (hydrodynamic separators) into the stormwater runoff collection system to achieve total suspended solids removal requirements and secure environmental permitting. Also included in the project were roadway improvements, highway and intersection lighting, utility relocations and betterments, and the preparation of right-of-way documents in support of the acquisition.

Project Accolades

ACEC New Jersey
Distinguished Award for Engineering Excellence