The Golden Horn Metro Crossing provides a new metro rail link from the historic Fatih district and Sea of Marmara coast of the city to the technological center and the northern business districts in Istanbul, Turkey. Prominent local architect and businessman Mr. Hakan Kiran, and world-renowned bridge designer, Mr. Michel Virlogeux led the project. The design team included international design experts in the field of bridge design as well as local engineering and construction firms. H&H’s role included the design of the mechanization and control systems for the movable span as well as technical advisory on the configuration of the movable span structure. In this role, we worked closely with Mssrs. Kiran and Virlogeux to develop a unique solution for this monumental project.

The bridge comprises a cabled-stayed main span of 180 m and an asymmetrical (also known as a bobtail) swing span. The swing span has a fore span of 70 m and provides a clear channel width of 60 m with unlimited vertical clearance for access to the shipyards along the northern coast of the Golden Horn. The back span has a length of 50 m and includes a counterweight to balance the longer fore span. The pivot pier is located in the waterway, near the shoreline, and an urban deck was constructed from the existing shoreline to the fender line of the navigation channel. The span rotates over the urban deck and protects the span from vessel impact.