The Kew Gardens Interchange—the confluence of the Van Wyck Expressway, Grand Central Parkway, and Jackie Robinson Parkway in Queens, NY—is a complex, three-level interchange, which includes Union Turnpike and Queens Boulevard. This interchange is notorious for traffic congestion. This rehabilitation project included studies, preliminary and final design for the reconstruction of 15 bridges. These structures varied in age, size, and construction, and condition/deficiencies. The project also included over 1,300 LF of MSE retaining walls and 1,400 LF of precast modular walls.

Hardesty & Hanover was responsible for the development of final design plans for the roadway widening and replacement of nine bridges along the Van Wyck Expressway, which are to be carried out in three separate construction contracts, and for continuing studies for operational and safety improvements along the Grand Central Parkway within the Interchange.

Challenges in Contract 1 include an innovative design for utilizing New England Extreme Tee Beams (NEXT) to resolve extremely skew bridge geometry and accommodate numerous utilities on the 280 foot wide structure that carries Queens Blvd. over the Van Wyck Expressway.

Challenges in Contracts 2A and 2B involved the replacement of both mainline structures while allowing for future improvements of the Grand Central Parkway. In order to minimize the foot print of the proposed substructures within the GCP corridor, preliminary design was performed on various long span structure types, including three-span continuous extradosed cable-stayed, concrete segmental box girder, steel box girder, and haunched steel plate girder superstructures. All travel lanes must be maintained throughout the various stages of construction.

The project received a 2016 Diamond Award from ACEC New York.