H&H served as Design Quality Assurance Engineer (DQAE), the Owner’s Representative Role for this type of Design-Build Project Delivery. H&H took an innovative approach to this role, working hand in hand with the owner as an extension of their own staff.

H&H provided project-specific RFP input throughout the procurement phase to ensure that the concepts presented in the RFP were clear, biddable, and constructable. During the execution phase of the project, H&H provided oversight for the design performed by the Design-Build team. The design oversight served to ensure that the design complied with NYSDOT policies, manuals, engineering bulletins, contract requirements, and applicable codes and standards. H&H also reviewed Design Exceptions, Non-Conformance Reports, Requests for Information, Work Plans, and Shop Drawings for critical items during the construction phase of the project. . H&H provided technical advisory on multiple structural and WZTC designs during the procurement phase of the project to ensure that the design provided as part of the Requests for Proposals was constructible.

ACEC NY Engineering Excellence
Gold Award