Hardesty & Hanover was consultant to Morgan Engineering for the design-build services to engineer and fabricate the new retractable roof mechanization system for the USTA National Tennis Center Arthur Ashe Stadium. Services included design collaboration with the building’s prime structural and electrical engineer as well as the design of integrated structural components, winches, motors, bogies, ropes, end stops, rail system, energy chain, proximity sensors, and electrical drive system.

The design included engineering and constructability improvements to the existing conceptual retractable roof plan. Design also required the creation and development of 3-D modeled components for collaboration, representation, and clash detection with the building’s prime structural engineer, electrical engineer, architect, and general contractor. Approved 3-D modeled components were then supplied to Morgan Engineering for final detailing, fabrication, and as-built drawings and models of mechanization components.

Construction services included 3-D model collaboration with the general contractor, various subcontractors, and structural steel detailer and fabricator for building clash detection and clearances. Services also included scheduled on-site assistance with installation of mechanization components and guidance to relevant parties.


Time Lapse Construction Video

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