H&H provided bridge engineering and design services for the superstructure replacement on the Route 31 over Peters Brook Bridge. H&H provided hydraulic analysis (HEC-RAS), structural, civil, and traffic engineering, environmental permitting, and community outreach services for the final design and engineering services during construction. The scope also included utility coordination and construction support services.

During the structural design process, H&H determined hydrodynamic forces in accordance with design guidance found in HDS-7 Hydraulic Design of Safe Bridges and FHWA’s Hydrodynamic Forces on Inundated Bridge Decks which supported the structural design team’s efforts to design superstructure bearings to resist loads. Proposed structure design founded on bedrock is not scour critical, therefore no scour countermeasures (HEC-23) were required.

H&H designed the staged construction of highway improvements, roadside safety features, detours, and lane closures. H&H provided a comprehensive highway capacity and intersection capacity analyses for all stages of construction to ensure allowable lane closure hours and that detour routes did not degrade road network capacity to unacceptable levels in the surrounding affected communities.

The Route 31 over Peters Brook Bridge is heavily traveled, two-lane rural highway, carrying 16,000 vehicles a day. H&H coordinated with all stakeholders to develop a comprehensive staged accelerated bridge construction project that satisfied the demands of the owners and users. H&H successfully negotiated the regulatory permitting process with the needs of the project, keeping the project on the expedited process tract for timely receipt of permits to achieve a successful project advertisement milestone.

Project Accolades

Honor Award
ACEC NJ – Engineering Excellence