H&H, along with Thornton Tomasetti, Inc., was contracted to provide a full peer review and report on the retractable roof system for the new Marlins Ballpark. The retractable roof consists of three metal decked operable panels: one upper panel and two lower panels. The retractable roof mechanization system is supported by two horizontal concrete track beams approximately 548 feet apart and 750 feet long. When open, the center panel retracts to the west main entrance plaza and the east and west panels will retract underneath the center panel.

The roof mechanization system consists of 44 bogies, each capable of supporting over one million pounds of load. The bogies are equipped with 88 wheels measuring 36 inches in diameter and eight wheels measuring 15 inches in diameter that travel along parallel steel rails, similar to a locomotive. The roof mechanization is an electrically powered traction drive system with 76 motors with a capacity of 10 horsepower each.