Supporting Ian Hurricane Recovery Efforts

October 3, 2022

Our Port Charlotte and Naples #hhquad members and many others in Florida and several Caribbean Islands need to recover from the worst of Hurricane Ian.  Please consider giving to Move Mountains or World Central Kitchen to support their recovery.

Move Mountains is a local Port Charlotte charity led by our own Steve & Nicole Nappi.  Move Mountains Inc., is a 501c3 organization that focuses on children and families serving the community and gaining leadership skills to change the world!  Before Steve and Nicole returned to their damaged home, they were working on resources to help others in their community.  They have gathered and distributed water, plywood, snacks, and cleaners in the last several days, and have gathered area children and teens to go out into neighborhoods and help clean up debris.

You can learn more about Move Mountains here:  Move Mountains

You can donate here:

World Central Kitchen is a charity led by Chef Jose Andres that feeds those in need during disasters.  We have raised funds for them many times as they race to help others across the world.

You can donate to the H&H fundraiser for WCK here: