A Solid Staff In Structural Bridge Engineering.

Hardesty & Hanover maintains one of the largest staffs of structural engineers dedicated to bridge design in the United States. Our preeminence in the field has been earned since 1887, during which time we have designed hundreds of new fixed and movable bridges. Our staff of structural engineers, has design expertise in all types of bridges, including long span arches and trusses; segmental concrete bridges; swing, bascule and vertical lift movable bridges; curved girders; steel box girders; and prestressed concrete girders.

In addition to our new bridge designs, we have prepared rehabilitation and reconstruction plans for scores of projects, and have been called upon to quickly prepare emergency repair or replacement plans for severely damaged bridges. Many of our innovative design and repair details have later become standards among our clients. Hardesty & Hanover has also been instrumental in developing movable bridge design specifications in the U.S. and abroad.

Our staff is thoroughly versed in state of the art computer analysis and design techniques. However, we also offer our clients the vast experience and knowledge of our senior designers and detailers, several of whom have worked in the industry for 40 years or more. Hardesty & Hanover is dedicated to the continuing education of our staff and to helping our younger engineers learn from our most experienced personnel.

Our design expertise includes long span arches and trusses, segmental concrete bridges, swing, bascule and vertical lift movable bridges, curved girders, steel box girders, and prestressed concrete girders.