An Unparalleled Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Staff.

Hardesty & Hanover’s mechanical and electrical engineering staff is the largest in heavy movable structures engineering in the country. The firm’s experience and expertise in movable bridges is unparalleled. The breadth of Hardesty & Hanover’s mechanical and electrical engineering services is enhanced by the in-house coordination capabilities necessary for multidisciplined heavy movable structure projects.

Hardesty & Hanover provides comprehensive mechanical engineering services including inspection, evaluation, testing, and design of facilities for bridges, tunnels, cranes, locks, stadium roofs, ferry docks, and other special structures. Hardesty & Hanover has extensive experience with all aspects of electromechanical gear drives and electrohydraulic cylinder and motor drives. The mobile support of heavy movable structures, with a focus on durability, ease of operation and maintainability – is one of the firm’s specialties. Hardesty & Hanover also has extensive experience with power distribution systems; control systems; motor-drive systems; remote monitoring and control; architectural and roadway lighting; traffic control devices; railway signalization equipment; remote control of movable bridges; and movable bridge span balance measurements.

Hardesty & Hanover maintains the largest mechanical and electrical engineering staff in the country for heavy movable structures.