H&H performed the annual inspection of the Seabrook Trunnion Bascule Bridge crossing the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC) in New Orleans, LA for the Port of New Orleans which included an examination of the bridge’s structural, mechanical, and electrical systems.

H&H engineers and NBIS-certified inspection staff performed routine and fracture critical inspection, which included the structural, mechanical, and electrical inspection of all components of the bascule, counterweight, and tower span per the Bridge Safety Management Program. This included both a walk-through visual examination and audible observations of the pins, trunnions, span locks, and operating machinery. Also observed were the lighting and warning systems of the approach roadways, navigation channel, and pier buildings. The mechanical and electrical inspection also involved both visual inspection and testing of components during operation of the bridge, where applicable. Additionally, non-destructive testing of eight pins were performed.

The scope included NBIS and element structural inspection consisted of a visual and hands-on examination of the bascule spans, tower span, counterweight truss, counterweight, and the fender system. The underside inspection consisted of a hands-on examination of the bascule span stringers and floor beams, as well as a cursory inspection of the east and west approaches.