H&H is the prime consultant leading a team of specialized experts on this project to rehabilitate or replace the Saugus Drawbridge.  The H&H-led team has completed the initial, conceptual design phase of the rehabilitation or replacement of the Saugus River Draw Bridge for MassDOT-MBTA.

Services include topographic survey; environmental investigations and planning; bridge inspection, load rating of the bridge structure, alternatives evaluation; conceptual design engineering for structures, track, civil, communications & signals; comparative cost and construction time determination estimates; and coordination with third parties.

H&H produced a Bridge Type Study Report that documented the extensive investigations and analyses performed. Communication and coordination with MBTA is ongoing.

MBTA has selected a replacement alternative to address the project needs for a river crossing with a reliable movable span. H&H is transitioning into the preliminary and final design phases of the project, where H&H will complete movable bridge and civil design plans, specifications, and estimates and assist MBTA during construction while addressing all project needs in the areas of environmental permitting, utility coordination, ROW acquisition planning and coordination with agency, internal MBTA and third party stakeholders.