H&H will complete the Preliminary Engineering Phase for the Route 38 Intersection Improvements, from South Church Street (CR 607) to Fellowship Road (CR 673). The intersection of Route 38, South Church Street, and Fellowship Road operates as one network of three intersections operating on one controller with a two-phase cycle. The location includes the second highest ranked signalized intersection on the NJDOT Congestion Management System (CMS). The lack of capacity results in congestion on Route 38 and lengthy queues on S. Church Street and Fellowship Road during the PM peak period. Accident frequency significantly exceeds the statewide average.

The project goals improved safety and operation by increasing capacity. The Preliminary Preferred Alternative (PPA) achieved this by widening the intersection approaches to providing more travel lanes. Accident data for the latest three-year period will be collected from the Bureau of Safety Programs, for use as support documentation. The operational analysis was performed using Synchro and HCS to confirm proposed lane configurations and ensure acceptable LOS values are achieved consistent with the project goals.

The analysis will be based on new traffic projections. Also, all widening work included installation of new signal equipment, and drainage will be completed while existing traffic patterns are maintained. In Stage 1, all widening work including installation of new signal equipment and drainage will be achieved while existing traffic patterns are maintained. During Stage 2, traffic will be shifted onto newly constructed areas, and NJDOT Standard Traffic Control Details will be used to establish off-peak lane closures to complete milling/resurfacing of the existing pavement. Services include accident analysis, roadside safety, operational analysis, substandard features, construction staging, signal design, and roadway closures.