H&H provided general engineering services during the concept development phase to replace the two-lane Route 36 over Troutmans Creek Bridge in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Recent bridge inspections identified serious structural deficiencies requiring emergency repairs to keep the crossing open to vehicular traffic, while concepts are developed to provide a long-term solution that addresses project needs and gains the support of the local officials and stakeholders.

A hydraulic study of the coastal conditions was evaluated for regulatory flood conditions, design wave heights, and the potential environmental impacts to sediment transport and flood profiles. Inventory of existing stormwater collection systems and outfalls was accomplished and a comprehensive comparison of stormwater management regulatory impacts was quantified and tabulated for all alternatives. A 2D dynamic hydraulic model was designed in SMS/SRH-2D to simulate design tidal surge events. A 1D hydraulic model was also developed for floodplain regulatory compliance requirements and a hydraulic report was submitted. A stream stability analysis utilizing HEC-20 was performed to evaluate sediment transport conditions. Scour analysis and scour (HEC-18) and design of scour countermeasures (HEC-23) will be performed in the Preliminary Engineering (PE) Phase.

H&H evaluated bridge replacement alternatives, providing a comparison of cost, regulatory environmental impacts, right-of-way impacts, and road user impacts. Conceptual horizontal and vertical highway improvements were developed to aid in these determinations. Structural replacement concepts were sized to evaluate the best-suited approach to reconstructing the crossing. Utility location, betterments, and accommodation schemes have been conceptually developed to ensure potential right-of-way and schedule impacts are accurately assessed.