H&H responded to owner reports of malfunctioning components of their retractable roof by performing a complete evaluation of the operational systems, including analyzing the existing mechanical and electrical systems and on-site investigation and operational testing. Based on the results of this evaluation, we developed a roof operation monitoring system and designed pivot bearing assemblies to replace the faulty existing bearings on which each of the five movable panels rotates during the operation of the retractable roof. The automated monitoring system tracks the roof’s position and movement and monitors motor power output during roof operations. Each of the new pivot bearings and housings carry roughly two million pounds.

The pivot replacement project included jacking of each of the movable roof panels, removing the existing bearings, in-place machining of the bearing receiving surfaces, and installing the new bearings. We worked closely with our strategic partner, Thornton Tomasetti, who developed a series of 3-D graphical simulation models and finite element assemblages for planning the replacement program. Together, we provided complete in-office and on-site construction support services to ensure proper installation of the new bearing assemblies.