The Port of Coos Bay Swing Bridge (BR763.55) suffered a structural failure of the columns at panel point 8 that also support the machinery room while the bridge was operating. The result of the failure allowed the ends of the swing span to drop several inches. The Port placed the damaged swing span over the existing draw rest protection system to stabilize the damaged span.

The purpose of this agreement was to obtain a full-service infrastructure engineering firm with bridge and structure design expertise to serve the Port in providing construction support, design, and engineering services for Emergency Repairs to the Coos Bay Railroad swing span bridge crossing Coos Bay, in Coos County, Oregon.

H&H is performed mechanical and electrical inspection for various structures for the Port of Coos Bay. This project is an emergency response project due to failures in the bridge equipment.

Task Order #1: H&H performed an emergency inspection and immediate response to determine if the bridge was safe to operate and the repairs needed to repair the damage to the turning equipment.

Task Order #2: An emergency response to perform design and construction support to build jacking frames at each end of the swing span while Koppers replaces structural steel between panel 7 and panel 9. These frames will shore the ends of the span to allow for the replacement of members at the center of the superstructure.

In April of 2019, the bridge began swining to life, for the first time in a year.