H&H Construction Services is performing construction engineering and inspection for the permanent repair of the Pine Island Road Causeway and Bridge, damaged by Hurricane Ian. The causeway road and bridge are the only access to Pine Island. Immediate emergency repairs were carried out after the hurricane to ensure access for residents and first responders. The bridge is owned by Lee County, and FDOT is overseeing the project.

The causeway repairs will involve installing 2,100 linear feet of sheet piling with a concrete cap to protect against future storm erosion. Additionally, the project will include reconstructing the roadway and utilities for Lee County and the Greater Pine Island Water District. The utilities include potable water, sanitary sewer, stormwater, lighting, and multiple communication services. A new 250-foot, five-span bridge will replace the existing bridge. Throughout the project, traffic to and from Pine Island will be maintained.

This project utilizes a phased design-build (PDB) contract, a first of its kind in Florida.