H&H is providing construction management services for two bridges in central Nassau County. The work involves improvements, including the removal of the paint system and graffiti, minor repairs to the steel superstructures and stone masonry and/or concrete structures, and repairs or replacement of the pedestrian pathway and fencing and other incidental work.

The Glenn Curtiss Boulevard Bridge is located immediately adjacent to Kellenberg Memorial High School (2,500 students). The Telecare television studio is also on the south side, and Sunrise of East Meadow (an assisted living facility) and two large office complexes are on the north side. This includes the 1.1 million square foot RXR Plaza, which is open 24/7 and is one of the largest and busiest such complexes in all of Nassau County. Kellenberg is a very active school, with extracurricular activities going on into the night every night and on weekends as well.

The Charles Lindbergh Boulevard Bridge, just less than a mile north of the Glenn Curtiss Bridge, is located adjacent to busy Merrick Avenue, Eisenhower Park, The Hempstead Plains Nature Preserve, the Marriott Hotel, and Nassau Coliseum. It is also near several museums, Nassau Community College, and Hofstra University.