As a subconsultant, H&H is currently completing the final design on a new Northern Avenue Bridge. The early stages of the project will require navigation investigations to verify a movable bridge’s continued need. The final design will take place to restore the pathway with a new movable span. The design includes two spans for pedestrians and cyclists, along with a single bus lane and a waterfront promenade with trusses evoking the original bridge’s steel frame.

The original bridge was constructed in 1908 and spans the Fort Point Channel. The bridge was closed to traffic in 1999, having once carried two lanes of vehicular traffic on the bridge’s outboard sections and Union Freight Railroad in the center truss span. For 15 years, the bridge carried pedestrian traffic until shutting down due to unsafe conditions.

Once restored, pedestrians will directly access the Harborwalk at Fan Pier Park in South Boston’s waterfront.