The Narrow Water Bridge is a long-awaited and highly symbolic cross-border infrastructure project that includes a new movable bridge connecting Ireland and Northern Ireland over the Newry River. H&H was part of the original design team led by Roughan & O’Donovan and provided mechanical and electrical movable bridge engineering for the conceptual design of the new structure. In late 2022, the Government announced funding and the commencement of the tender process. The design team was recommissioned to advance the project through final design and construction administration.

The signature structure will include vehicular, pedestrian, and cyclist access, strengthening north-south links and deepening connections between communities on both sides of the Newry River. The bridge comprises a 6m wide single carriageway and a 3m wide pedestrian and cyclist facility to either side of the carriageway. Due to the navigational requirements along the river for accessing Victoria Lock and the Albert Basin, the bridge’s northern span will be a single-leaf rolling bascule span providing unlimited vertical clearance for at least a 20m wide navigational channel. The opening span is configured with cable-stayed bascule girders as the main longitudinal structural elements. H&H is currently developing the design of mechanical and electrical systems and associated structural interfaces to prepare for a 2023 tender.

The project is currently in the detailed design phase, with contractor appointment anticipated in late 2023.