The Narrow Water Bridge project, a significant cross-border infrastructure initiative, is nearing completion, with a cable-stayed bridge connecting The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland over the Newry River.  Joint funding from the EU, Northern Ireland, and Louth County Council, as part of the Shared Island Initiative, has propelled the project forward, with work currently in the construction phase.

H&H, part of the design team led by Roughan & O’Donovan, is responsible for movable bridge engineering of the new structure and is currently providing construction administration.

The bridge, facilitating vehicular, pedestrian, and cyclist access, aims to strengthen North-South links and foster community connections along the Newry River. It features a single carriageway and a pedestrian-cyclist facility on either side, with a unique rolling bascule span on the northern end to accommodate navigational requirements. The movable span, operated by electrohydraulic cylinders, seamlessly transitions for marine traffic and users, maintaining safety and aesthetic integrity.

Sustainability is integral to the project, with steel components fabricated offsite to minimize disruption to the surrounding environment. The bridge enhances connectivity between Drummullagh and Warrenpoint, encouraging pedestrian and cyclist movement. Designed for efficient operation, it maintains a near-balanced condition, minimizing power consumption and facilitating frequent passage for various vessels, further aligning with sustainability goals.

Project Highlights

Highly Symbolic Cross-Border Infrastructure Project
New Cable-Stayed Rolling-Lift Bascule Bridge
Mechanized Carriageway And Footpath Joints
Dedicated Pedestrian-Cyclist Lanes