H&H (conducted an extensive Traffic Study for the potential development of a large vacant parcel of land located along the Interstate 95 Corridor. The mixed-use development was considered for over 3,000 residential units in high-rise buildings, a regional shopping mall, office, and hotel development, and entertainment buildings. As part of the studies, consideration for and implemented by the City of Bridgeport and the State of Connecticut was the relocation of a state route through this parcel of land to enhance development opportunities.

The studies included over 25 intersections and two Interchanges along Interstate 95 to determine potential impacts and the need for mitigation. Mitigation included new roadways within the development area, the relocation of a state arterial, numerous signalized intersections, with turning movement improvements and updated traffic signal hardware to accommodate the mixed-use development and its potential impacts to the Interstate 95 Corridor, local roads and potential impacts to Downtown Bridgeport.

Photo Credit: Morgan Kaolian