Canadian National Railway operates a single main track across a bridge over the Wolf River at Gill’s Landing, located at M.P. 209.95, Neenah Subdivision, just east of Weyauwega, Wisconsin. This track is part of the CN’s core line between Winnipeg and Chicago. The bridge is 1,292 feet long and was built in 1871. It has an open deck and there are steel beam approach spans on each end and a TPG swing span over the navigation channel.

The restoration of the swing span into an operational condition was required. The design stage of this project was divided into two phases. The first phase was an investigation into various alternatives that will enable the swing span to be returned to an operational condition. The end product of this phase of the design stage was a Project Development Report that has considered the various alternatives and made specific recommendations as to how operational capability can be restored to the swing span.

H&H recommended an innovative, cost saving solution which addressed the unique operational problems at the site. H&H proposed to convert the existing through-girder swing bridge span into a vertical lift bridge, using hydraulic cylinders and steel tower framework mounted on the existing center pier.

The second phase of the design stage involved the preparation of plans and specifications for the construction phase of the project. The project was completed in 2010.