PESC, an H&H company, prepared layouts and provided structural details and quantities for four complex bridges as part of improvements to an urban freeway facility. In addition, PESC provided Construction Administration services, including shop drawing review, responding to RFI’s, and redesigning several elements requested by the contractor to accommodate his specific means and methods. Existing concrete bent caps, columns, footings, and metal piles were evaluated, analyzed, and reused at some locations.  An existing tie-in bent was strengthened to provide the additional capacity needed.

IH45 from US59 is the 9th most congested roadway in Texas. Cullen Blvd Entrance Loop (800ft long ramp) begins with a 2-span steel plate girder unit on a tight radius (133ft). Prestressed girder units complete the bridge as it narrows to 13ft to tie into the existing US 59 DC. US 59 DC (2,175ft long bridge) ties into the existing US59 DC at the east end and connects to the new NBDC and SBDC at the west end, where the width flares to 69ft. US 59 NB DC (1,095ft long, 28ft wide bridge) ties into the existing NBDC. The US 59 SB DC (1,920ft long) includes a 3-span and two single-span curved steel girder units.