H&H designed a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Hutchinson River Parkway at Co-op City in the Bronx. The structure spans the Hutchinson River Parkway (HRP) connecting Co-Op City Section V and the Bay Plaza Mall. It will be a multi-use structure that will carry pedestrians and bicyclists. The access ramps were designed in conformance with the latest ADA Guidelines.

In a combined effort between the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the local communities, methods to improve the safety of the HRP and the areas within the parkway corridor were developed. Through this collaboration, existing deficiencies and non-standard features were identified, both geometric and operational, and proposed alternative solutions to address such issues were developed. Accessing the mall and other facilities by residents and bicyclists is easier, faster, and safer with a multi-use bridge crossing over the HRP.

H&H provided a concrete sidewalk to replace the existing unpaved path along the south side of Bartow Avenue near the underpass to connect Co-Op City sections. A wide concrete sidewalk, meeting ADA requirements, was constructed at the Bartow Avenue underpass. A concrete median barrier was installed along eastbound Bartow Avenue to separate vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic. In addition, a high-mesh chain link fence replaced the existing fence along the Parkway. This will be an interim solution until a bridge is built across the Parkway.