PESC, an H&H company, is the prime consultant for this Central Texas project and has led the design team since the project first began in 2013. The project started with an in-depth planning phase, which included concept & feasibility studies and schematic development. Multiple solutions were vetted to identify the best configuration for the site, roadway, and bridge. PESC prepared a series of exhibits and presented the project to the local community and stakeholders at several Public Meetings. In 2016 the project moved on to the design phase, and complete PS&E’s were produced. The construction phase began in mid-2021.

This project replaces an existing bridge spanning Brushy Creek and reconstructs the Great Oaks Drive and Brushy Creek Road intersection. The project, when complete, will provide the community and emergency personnel with a safe means to cross the creek and access the intersection during storm events. The new intersection also adds much-needed intersection capacity and improves traffic flow. The new bridge and intersection also include raised sidewalks and signaled crosswalks for foot & bicycle traffic. Project improvements also provide better and safer pedestrian and bicycle facilities at ground level, improve access to the adjacent park and trail system, and provide new parking facilities for the community.