H&H is providing preliminary and final design engineering services for the rehabilitation of the US Route 202/Route 67 over Housatonic River Bridge (Bridge 00901) for the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

H&H is responsible for calculating LRFR load ratings of the as-inspected and as-rehabilitated condition of the bridge in compliance with CTDOT and AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation requirements. Additional preliminary design phase work includes an evaluation of the existing bridge under increased hydraulic pressure flow due to debris in accordance with FHWA engineering circular HEC-9.

H&H will develop bridge rehabilitation designs which will include repairs to steel truss members, gusset plates, floor system members, localized painting of steel members, and rivet replacement. Rehabilitation of bottom chord splices is necessary to comply with current AASHTO requirements. The rehabilitation will also include partial and full-depth patching of the bridge deck, replacement of bridge deck joints, deck drainage modifications, and the replacement of the bridge parapets. Substructure repairs will also be included.

Located in New Milford, Bridge 00901 is single span simply supported Pratt through truss variant carrying two lanes of traffic over the Housatonic River. This steel truss bridge was constructed in 1953 and is comprised of a combination rolled and built-up truss members framed into riveted gusset plates.