The Bruckner Expressway Bridges over Amtrak is part of The Hunts Point Interstate Access Improvement Project, a $1.7B, three-phase project to improve access between the Hunts Point Peninsula and Sheridan Boulevard and the Bruckner Expressway for vehicular traffic and to address structural and operational deficiencies related to the existing infrastructure. The project includes 12 bridges and viaduct structures. The site covers more than 1.5 miles of existing infrastructure, including highways, expressways, services roads and city streets, parkland, movable bridges, and pedestrian accessways. The project required a full EIS and significant interagency coordination.

As part of our owner’s engineer role on the Hunts Point Interstate Access Improvement Project, H&H performed a peer review of the constructability and construction staging scheme to replace the Bruckner Expressway Bridges over Amtrak/CSX as part of the as-needed support design activities. These structures consist of two Eastbound, parallel, multi-girder bridges and an existing westbound truss superstructure bridge. As a result of the impactful peer review, H&H was asked to develop a streamlined alternative conceptual construction staging scheme.

This scheme was developed to significantly reduce risk to NYSDOT and the future design-build teams, and greatly reduce construction impacts on the adjacent railroad and simplify the overall design and construction of these replacement bridge structures. H&H was able to address significant Amtrak/CSX concerns with the alternate scheme and greatly reduce impacts to railroad operations, as well as eliminate the need for any shoring or temporary structures within the railroad right of way.