H&H led the preliminary assessment, inspection, and design of three movable bridges that span across the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Built in 1963 and 1960, respectively, the 3rd Avenue and 4th/7th Avenue Bridges are similar in design. They are double-leaf rolling lift span bridges carrying four lanes of vehicular traffic and two sidewalks. The Andrews Avenue Bridge was built in 1981 and is a hydraulically operated single-leaf bascule bridge carrying four lanes of vehicular traffic and a sidewalk.

The scope of work for the 3rd Avenue and 4th/7th Avenue bridges included cleaning, sealing, and painting all concrete in the approach spans and bascule pier. Structural repairs included the removal and replacement of lateral bracing components exhibiting significant section loss, removal of all corrosion by means of hydro-blasting, grinding, cleaning, and spot priming of affected areas. The protective coating system consisted of one full prime coat and one finish coat on all steel surfaces of the movable and flanking spans.

The bridges also required modifications to their drive machinery, including removal of existing components and fabrication, installation and alignment of bull gear, secondary pinion and shaft, bushing halves on the secondary pinion bearing and bull gear bearing, and replacement of seals and packing material of the high-speed input shaft of the gearbox reducer.

The scope of work on the Andrews Avenue Bridge consisted of surface preparation, including new prime and finish coat on all concrete and steel surfaces.