As part of this on-call contract, H&H has performed several Biennial Inspections and Condition Assessments of structures in the New York metropolitan area. In 2012, H&H performed the Biennial Inspection of all bridges comprising the roadway network around John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport (31 bridges in total). Also in 2012, H&H performed the inspection of over 2,000 sign and lighting structures (including high masts) at Newark Liberty International Airport. In 2013, H&H performed the Biennial Inspection of the ten bridges that make up the upper and lower helix of the New Jersey approach to the Lincoln Tunnel. Our projects in 2014 included inspection cycle of the JFK Roadway Bridges and the structural, mechanical and electrical inspections of the PATH Passaic River Lift Bridge, a vital link to the NJ Transit and PATH networks in Newark.

The scope of this work includes the inspection of special emphasis and fracture critical elements, NYSDOT and NJDOT Reports, and the generation of a Facility Condition Survey which is used by PANYNJ to develop repair and maintenance programs. The inspections require significant Maintenance and Protection of Traffic coordination (sometimes over city streets and highways) as well as permitting and planning with other local agencies including NYCDOT.