H&H is performing general, interim and special inspections for 400 Long Island bridges in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The structures vary in size and type and include the Robert Moses Causeway NB and SB bridges over the Great South Bay, as well as the Fire Island Inlet Bridge, Loop Parkway over Swift Creek, Bayville Bridge, Meadowbrook and Wantagh Parkway bridges over Goose Creek, and Sloop Channel near Jones Beach. The inspection includes the 100% hands-on inspection of fracture critical arch truss and floor system members for the Robert Moses Causeway Bridges, fracture critical girder and floorbeam elements on several bascule bridges and post-tensioned concrete segmental girders. Work also includes structural analysis, load rating calculations, VIRTIS model checks and updates, and biennial inspection reports (through BIPPI).

The project includes the inspection of the segmental concrete post-tensioned Roslyn Viaduct, the first such structure ever built in New York State. Inspection teams performed hands-on inspections of the segmental concrete piers and box girders, documenting deficiencies in the primary elements themselves along with the end blocks, post-tensioning ducts, closure pours and interior diaphragms.

H&H is also providing inspection of 70 bridges over Long Island Railroad. Railroad force account personnel (flagging) were procured directly through this contract. Also include all appurtenances such as signs and supporting structures, high mast and standard light poles, utilities and communication equipment attached to the structures. The field inspection is following the requirements of the NYSDOT Bridge Inspection Manual and including a significant amount of non-destructive testing. Inspection teams follow rigorous security and INFORM permitting requirements and handle all aspects of WZTC, which require challenging closures at varied working hours.