H&H provided rehabilitation design engineering services for this double-leaf, Hopkins Trunnion-type bascule span bridge constructed in 1964. This rehabilitation project utilized the design-build delivery method for construction. H&H teamed with PCL Constructors, Inc. to design and construct the project. H&H developed the construction plans and specifications to implement the $5 million bridge rehabilitation project and provide post design engineering services during construction.

The rehabilitation included bascule span floor system replacement, grating replacement, including concrete wheel paths and bicycle lane grating, bridge barrier replacement, pedestrian railing replacement, structural steel painting, control house aesthetic improvements, and substructure repairs. Emergency repairs were accomplished on the bascule girders due to unknown deterioration to the girder webs behind connection plates. In addition, the hydraulic system was refurbished and roadway lighting was added to the structure. Replacement of the stringers and floorbeams in lieu of repair was proven by competitive bid to be a more cost- effective solution.

The design and construction were expedited in order to complete the construction prior to the 2006 hurricane season. A 30-day closure to traffic was required for the replacement of the bascule span floor system. The design and construction was fast-tracked through expedited design and post design review of shop drawings, RFI’s and site. The emergency repairs to the bascule girders were also accomplished during the closure.