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Fort McHenry Tunnel Ventilation Fans Rehab

August 28, 2013

As part of a four year On-Call Contract to provide architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering services, Hardesty & Hanover completed the preliminary investigation and report for ventilation fan equipment in the Fort McHenry Tunnel (FMT) east ventilation building. Two supply …
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Battery Park Place Underpass Ventilation Study

This project involves the realignment and widening of Battery Place including construction of a structure over the FDR Drive Underpass as part of the NYSDOT’s Route 9A Segment 1 Project. The structure will lengthen the Battery Park Underpass by approximately …
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Baltimore Harbor Tunnel

Hardesty & Hanover performed investigation on high priority repairs for the Harbor Tunnel electrical and mechanical systems. Investigation included operational issues related to several exhaust fans, failure of an exhaust damper, mechanical issues related to the interference of an exhaust …
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