The Engineering of Movement.

Hardesty & Hanover, world-renowned in the field of heavy movable structures, is the firm owners look toward when seeking reliable, cost effective solutions for the planning, design and construction of their specialized movable structures.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and over 100 years of design and construction experience in heavy movable structures worldwide, to provide owners with innovative solutions to their retractable roof and movable attraction needs. We work with owners and operators to integrate the mechanical, electrical and structural engineering aspects into a single reliable and easily maintainable system. Owner operators can rely on our long history of designing significant structures and getting it right the first time when making the decision to hire Hardesty & Hanover. Our commitment to simple, long enduring designs is evident in the many Hardesty & Hanover designed structures and mechanical systems still in service today while approaching or beyond a century of dependable service.

Through our strategic partnership with Thornton Tomasetti, we can deliver complete facility structural design as well as MEP. Our history with Thornton Tomasetti includes collaborating on the new design, inspection and rehabilitation for facility owners across the United States.

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