Results-Driven Kinetic Systems Engineering

The magic of making things move wrapped up in intelligent engineering the mission of our Kinetic Systems Group. Kinetic structures  are meant to move.  It must operate efficiently and reliably at a moment’s notice. Our kinetic structure professionals will provide you with design, rehabilitation, inspection or evaluation, whether scheduled or unplanned. We respond to our clients 24/7.

Award-winning Iconic Structures

While the structure may be complex, the mechanization shouldn’t be. We strive to seamlessly integrate the mechanical, electrical and structural engineering aspects of kinetic structures.

We Have You Covered.

With more than 100 years of sports stadium experience, we understand your industry. Beyond design and inspection, we provide peer review, evaluation and O&M manuals.  We are a reliable resource to your operations team.

Engineers Dedicated to Kinetic Structures

Your Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Systems work together, so should your engineers.  Our in-house multidisciplinary experts combine expertise and their systems into one, cohesive deliverable.

If Your Project Is Center Court, You Need Innovative Design Solutions.

We utilize state of the art technology, teaming with architects and contractors, to provide innovative solutions to your kinetic structure needs.

The Engineering of Movement.

Hardesty & Hanover, world-renowned in the field of heavy movable structures, is the firm owners look toward when seeking reliable, cost effective solutions for the planning, design and construction of their specialized movable structures.

Kinetic Systems Team

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and over 100 years of design and construction experience in heavy movable structures worldwide, to provide owners with innovative solutions to their retractable roof and movable attraction needs.

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