With more than 130 years of experience in the design and inspection of all types of fixed bridges, H&H has the expertise to handle a wide array of engineering challenges for structures ranging from simple span structures to long-span bridges and viaducts over highways and major waterways.

From the signature 1,486-foot-long steel arch Colorado Street Bridge over the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena, California, back in 1913 (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) to the 2,200-foot-long 2013 ACEC-NY award-winning Roslyn Viaduct in Roslyn, New York, H&H has designed many of the nation’s most impressive and important fixed bridges. We strive to create a seamless synergy between form and function, creating visually pleasing design solutions of all sizes and types.

In addition to engineering brand-new fixed bridges, H&H has designed the rehabilitation of numerous structures, comprising everything from complete superstructure replacement to the historic restoration of noteworthy bridges.