Celebrating National Inventor’s Day… H&H Innovators – Patents Through the Years

February 11, 2021

H&H has been fortunate to have many great innovators in the firm. To celebrate Inventor’s Day here is a sample list of H&H employees and their patents!

The most recent is George Patton’s patent for a New Bridge Deck. Click here to learn more: George Patton

The most unusual is Shortridge Hardesty’s patent (with Thomas Brown) for a scoring device for a game in 1936!

One of the most famous is the Hanover Skewed Bascule patented in 1943 by Clinton Hanover.

Our founder JAL Waddell’s patents:

  • 1893: The modern vertical lift bridge
  • 1894: The Waddell “A” Truss
  • 1898: Improvements to suspension bridges
  • 1898: An automatic jetty for deepening tidal ways – featuring a continuous door, hinged at the top,
    which would open readily and permit the tide to flow into the harbor freely, but close automatically
    and force the outgoing tide to flow through a narrow channel (with Ira Hedrick)
  • 1909: A lift bridge where the motive power for raising and lowering a movable span may be supported by and travel with the span structure (with John Harrington)
  • 1910: A double-deck lift bridge where the upper level is permanent, and the lower level is movable
  • 1910: A lift bridge where the movable span is raised and lowered from separate and disconnect towers
  • 1910: An improved carrying axle and mounting for bascule bridges
  • 1913: Means for carrying a fluid conduit between the towers of a lift bridge