Start Your Career Learning From Industry Leaders

H&H offers limited internships and summer employment in structural, civil, geotechnical, mechanical, and electrical engineering to students entering their junior or senior year of a bachelor’s program in engineering. Students gain practical engineering experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals as they put their classroom theory to work. Internships offer students practical insight into the field of consulting engineering and may lead to employment opportunities.

H&H has mentored and trained 100s interns through our firm’s history. Many of these interns have transitioned into full-time employees (including our CEO) or moved on to other challenging career opportunities, each of those individuals left H&H having had a gratifying and rewarding experience.  Our internships are in the summer. We begin recruitment for the program each fall.

Feedback from recent interns:

“…reviewing the last 14 months of my work, it is easy to say that I have greatly broadened my exposure to the types of work completed by structural engineers.”


“…working on the Third Avenue Bridge, I learned a great deal about the interaction between the contractor, the designer, and the client.”


“…the chance to learn was always present, and I feel that I made a good effort to ask questions of my fellow workers to learn more about the how and why of the project.”


“I was surrounded by a strong group of co-workers that looked out for me and made me feel appreciated, despite the minor role I played in the grand scheme of things.”


“The Project Manager for the Third Avenue Bridge was one of the best supervisors I have had the pleasure of working with….he took care of the team, and in turn, we worked hard for him. I can only hope that if in a similar position that I can be as outstanding an example for the rest of my co-workers.”


“I will always remember my time with Hardesty as time well spent.”

If you are interested in applying, submit your resume here.